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Collaboration is the key to supporting victims and survivors of abuse. Domestic Abuse Education stands strong, alongside all of our Partners, to ensure everyone receives the knowledge, tools and education to end abuse, in all of its forms.

EIDA (Employers' Initiative on Domestic Abuse)

It’s all our business. 

The Employers’ Initiative on Domestic Abuse (EIDA) is a network of over 1,200 UK employers, of all sizes, from all sectors, that are taking action on domestic abuse.  

One in four women and one in six to seven men will experience domestic abuse in their lifetime. As an employer, you are likely to have people in your organisation who are affected by abuse.

For those individuals, work may be their only safe place.  Your actions as an employer can change and potentially save that person’s life. 

EIDA is here to support you.

EIDA raises awareness and provides tools for employers to support their people who are affected by domestic abuse. EIDA’s power is in its network of employers where ideas, knowledge and best practice are shared, so that employers are best able to play their part in tackling domestic abuse.

Following the rise in domestic abuse during the pandemic and the introduction of the Domestic Abuse Act in 2021, now is the time for all employers, large and small, to act, by raising awareness of domestic abuse, offering the right support to employees who are impacted, including knowing how to access specialist support.

Take a stand on domestic abuse and join EIDA’s network today. Membership is free, comes with a whole host of benefits and your organisation can sign up here