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Collaboration is the key to supporting victims and survivors of abuse. Domestic Abuse Education stands strong, alongside all of our Partners, to ensure everyone receives the knowledge, tools and education to end abuse, in all of its forms.

EIDA (Employers' Initiative on Domestic Abuse)

It’s all our business. 

The Employers’ Initiative on Domestic Abuse (EIDA) is a network of over 1,200 UK employers, of all sizes, from all sectors, that are taking action on domestic abuse.  

One in four women and one in six to seven men will experience domestic abuse in their lifetime. As an employer, you are likely to have people in your organisation who are affected by abuse.

For those individuals, work may be their only safe place.  Your actions as an employer can change and potentially save that person’s life. 

EIDA is here to support you.

EIDA raises awareness and provides tools for employers to support their people who are affected by domestic abuse. EIDA’s power is in its network of employers where ideas, knowledge and best practice are shared, so that employers are best able to play their part in tackling domestic abuse.

Following the rise in domestic abuse during the pandemic and the introduction of the Domestic Abuse Act in 2021, now is the time for all employers, large and small, to act, by raising awareness of domestic abuse, offering the right support to employees who are impacted, including knowing how to access specialist support.

Take a stand on domestic abuse and join EIDA’s network today. Membership is free, comes with a whole host of benefits and your organisation can sign up here


The Mankind Initiative is the principal, expert and specialist charity in the UK focussing on male victims of domestic abuse. The charity collaborates and works in close partnership with other organisations and practitioners to support these victims too.

The first in Great Britain to support male victims; their expertise derives from directly supporting male victims since 2001, the qualified professionals who manage the charity and their board consists of the UK’s leading academics and survivors.

Three main ManKind activities:

  • Direct support to male victims through a national helpline funded by donations (over 2,000 calls per year)
  • Support for organisations and practitioners who want to better recognise, support and understand male victims. This is through ManKind specialist training, consultancy and support service, MIDASS and the national community and information network for practitioners that they created, own and manage, MDAN.
  • Giving male victims a voice by engaging with stakeholders such as the government, statutory agencies, politicians, academia and the media.

The ManKind aim is to ensure all male victims of domestic abuse (and their children) are supported to enable them to escape from the situation they are in. They regard themselves as gender inclusive and want all female victims (and their children) to escape too.

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PEGS (Parental Education Growth Support)

PEGS is a social enterprise focused on reducing the individual and societal impact of Child to Parent Abuse. The organisation launched its services in March 2020 and offers a range of support for parents, carers and guardians regardless of the age of their child (including adult offspring), such as a peer support group, virtual drop-ins and bespoke programmes and workshops, alongside one-to-one and advocacy work with those at highest risk. Parents are not asked to contribute financially to any support offered by PEGS.

Alongside this, PEGS offers paid-for professional training to assist those working on the frontline to be able to respond effectively, efficiently and empathetically when parents are experiencing CPA; and consultancy with regional and national organisations looking to implement or develop their CPA policies, frameworks and practices. To raise awareness, PEGS hosts events, attends and speaks at events across the UK, and works closely with many media outlets. Founding director Michelle John has worked with the Home Office to introduce a CPA section to the latest Domestic Abuse Act, partnered with NHS Safeguarding, won national and international awards for her work, and set up the UK’s fourth ever Employer Covenant – supported by the Department for Work and Pensions.

Visit or search PEGS Support across social media for more information.

SEA (Surviving Economic Abuse)

Surviving Economic Abuse (SEA) is the only UK charity dedicated to raising awareness of economic abuse and transforming responses to it. 

One in six women in the UK has experienced economic abuse by a current or former partner. The effects can last a lifetime, with some women never free of the abuser’s control.  

Without control of the money or items needed to leave and live independently, many women stay with abusers for longer and experience more harm as a result. Women who experience economic abuse are five times more likely to experience physical abuse than those who don’t. When women experience economic abuse in the context of coercive control, they are at increased risk of being killed. 

We work to save lives and stop economic abuse forever.

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Domestic Abuse Alliance

UK businesses are increasingly engaging with their role in tackling domestic abuse but employers still face challenges in accessing the right tools, information, guidance and materials to support their workforce. The Domestic Abuse (DA) Alliance joins employers with the civil legal sector to deliver immediate legal assistance and protection for victims. The free to use WEPROTECT mobile app enables instant victim referral to ensure that appropriate legal support is actioned without delay. You can also make referrals online and seek support via their telephone helpline: 0800 101 7110. The DA Alliance’s team of experienced call handlers and case workers help demystify the complex legal process for those seeking support and, where appropriate, connect them to a firm of solicitors in their Legal Partner Network to seek a court order. Some of the protection orders they can help to secure include:

  • Non-Molestation Order
  • Occupation Order
  • Child Arrangements Order
  • Specific Issue Order 
  • Prohibited Steps Order
  • Female Genital Mutilation (FGM) Protection Order
  • Forced Marriage Protection Order

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Clear Path Coalition CIC, trading as Clear Path UK, was registered as a CIC in December 2021 and is a non-profit organisation working cross sector, to improve abuse prevention, action and support strategies in the UK.

They provide resources and training to professionals and organisations dealing with abuse, while creating and offering free access to trauma informed support services for survivors. They’ve also created the framework and campaign to establish a regulatory body to oversee all organisations and professionals dealing with abuse, and with prevention rather than the current reactive approach at its core.


Clear Path UK have created and deliver The Four Cornerstones of Healing programme (FCoH), a 10 week course designed to enable survivors of trauma and abuse to access healing tools that are otherwise inaccessible (NHS waiting lists, family court and police investigations being the biggest initial obstacles to accessing support). Along with this, Clear Path UK offer professional Wellness and Pioneer programmes to provide team members and leaders within organisations with tools to understand trauma informed practice and be able to support their workforce.

For more information please take a look at the Clear Path UK website here

Hollie Guard

Hollie Guard is the UK’s leading safety app, dedicated to enhancing personal safety. With innovative features and a commitment to supporting the Hollie Gazzard Trust, Hollie Guard continues to make a significant impact in the fight against violence.

Developed with a mission to enhance personal safety, Hollie Guard provides a suite of innovative features, making it a powerful tool against violence. User can raise an alert by simply shaking their phone. Additionally, discreet, and stealth modes offer a subtle way to raise an alert when the situation requires caution. Once activated, the app pinpoints the user’s location, activates the phone’s camera and microphone, and captures relevant information.

 Alert details are then securely sent to the user’s chosen Emergency Contacts, providing them with a web link to the user’s location and the evidence captured by the phone. Quick links to contact the user for further assistance are also included. With Hollie Guard Extra, a professional police-approved response team contacts the user, escalating further if necessary.

 Other features include a meeting timer and a Journey mode, giving greater peace of mind when travelling as it alerts emergency contacts and a monitoring centre if the user does not reach their destination safely.

 Using the Hollie Guard app is not only an investment in personal safety but also a contribution to the Hollie Gazzard Trust. The Hollie Gazzard Trust and PanicGuard developed Hollie Guard after Hollie’s murder to combat Domestic Abuse and Violence against Women and Girls across the UK

For further information visit the Hollie Guard website.