From small businesses to global companies, Sharon Livermore helps businesses around the world achieve a greater depth of knowledge, and understanding on how the workplace should support.

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Sharon’s openness to talk about her own experience was inspiring. The content including some of the statistics shared in the session were thought-provoking and clearly demonstrated how important it is for employers to recognise the potential signs of abuse and how they can support their employees.

Felicity – HR Dept – Managing Director

I attended the ‘Domestic abuse’ workshop hosted by Sharon. What a session. I’ve learned how to ask the right questions and where to signpost individuals should they need/want help. The facts are mind-blowing. I had a meeting with a client later in the day who was abused 10 years ago, this just shows that you never know who has gone through this. I would strongly recommend people to attend this workshop – you may just save someone’s life.

Sonny – Self-employed – Chartered Financial Advisor

As a domestic abuse survivor, and with a passion for promoting awareness, Sharon delivered an impactful session that shed light on the nuances of domestic abuse, emphasising the need for education and support. Sharon’s engaging presentation style and real-life examples really resonated with the attendees creating an atmosphere of openness and receptivity.

Emma – Nuclear Transport Solutions – Corporate Communications Manager

I feel this training is beneficial to all, to gain an understanding of all aspects of Domestic Abuse. There are some great tools that you can use to support your friends and colleagues. There are a number of handouts that we were provided with that are very useful. Sharon’s story is intense however it makes you want to learn more about how you can support yourself, your friends/family and colleagues, should anyone experience any of the aspects of DA. Sharon is an inspiration to others that you can turn things around and I hope men and women do her training and get support where required

Kelly – Sanofi – Office & Operations Administrator

Brings to life the reality of people living with and survivors of domestic abuse. Really great to think about how we as a workplace can look out for signs, start conversations and support those affected.


Vicky – Cambridge United – Head of Foundation

….The CWU represents workers in the Postal, Telecoms and Technology industries. As a Trade Union, the CWU recognises Domestic Abuse as a workplace issue this makes it a trade union issue.

I work with lots of different organisations and received an invitation to attend an online workshop that was run by Sharon. What I heard and learned on the workshop was invaluable and I knew that the story I’d heard and the information I was given needed to be shared with a wider audience.

Seeing Sharon share her experience face-to-face was very powerful and moving. I contacted Sharon and we arranged a meeting to discuss organising the workshop for CWU Representatives. We held the 1-hour webinar, and the feedback has been fantastic. Everyone listened intently and all the attendees have told me that it was one of the most moving and informative workshops that they have attended.

As I have already mentioned Domestic Abuse is a workplace and a Trade Union issue, the statistics tell us that. That’s why Sharon and I are currently planning to do a bespoke series of shorter workplace face-to-face sessions to postal workers in Peterborough.

Terry Henderson – Lead ULR – CWU Eastern No5.

I heard Sharon speak at an event and was inspired by her honesty and bravery so asked her to come along and talk to us about this difficult topic. Sharon uses her own experiences to help organisations understand more about domestic abuse and more importantly she showed us how we can best support our Islanders. I’d recommend Sharon and her work to any organisation that wants to support their employees.

Joanne Earl – River Island – Diversity, Inclusion & Wellbeing Lead

The domestic abuse training was truly exceptional! It provided a wealth of insightful information, including impactful facts and figures. The training itself was highly engaging, allowing me to interact with Sharon and ask multiple questions. What truly resonated with me was Sharon’s openness in sharing her personal experience with domestic abuse. This topic is of utmost importance and requires immediate attention. I wholeheartedly recommend this course to all. Many thanks, Sharon!

Damien Byrne – CPD Course Attendee

Becoming members of Employers Initiative on Domestic Abuse (EIDA) provided us the opportunity to tap into key resources, one of which was Sharon’s Policy.

We used this as a template to create our own version. Sharon’s Policy was the catalyst for our own and provided a critical framework to shape a policy that would meet the needs of our workforce.

Sharon is a passionate advocate for driving policy change in this space and her policy (as will ours as a result) continues to be shared and will continue to evolve.

Sharon has a mission to ensure every business in the UK has a Domestic Abuse policy, and we are proud to say that through Sharon’s resources, RSA Insurance Ltd do.

Gemma Jackson – UK&I Head of Diversity, Equity & Inclusion – RSA

I’ve worked with Sharon a lot over the past eighteen months, and I continue to be inspired by her motivation to use her experience in a positive and meaningful way. She passionately believes in Sharon’s Policy and can relate to so much of it because she has lived through the experience of Domestic Abuse. Domestic Abuse effects people in such a wide variety of ways, with many perpetrators seeking to control the lives of victims in every way. The workplace is often the only place where victims can feel temporarily safe from harm, and it is vital that workplaces understand the importance of the role that they can play in the safeguarding process.

Sharon is a passionate and enthusiastic speaker who never fails to get her message across due to the frank, open and honest way that she describes her experience.

David Savill – Detective Inspector – Domestic Abuse & Missing Persons Department

Thank you to Sharon who spoke to colleagues at TSB on the impact of domestic, financial & economic abuse on colleagues.

Her personal story was hugely powerful, and acts as a reminder on the role that employers have to create safe spaces.

I would highly recommend Sharon raising awareness on this topic to any business.

Collectively we have the power to initiate real change.

Simon Peleszok – Responsible Business Team – TSB

When we launched our domestic abuse policy, we didn’t want just a policy we wanted to create an awareness session that went with it. So, we asked Sharon, if she would share her story and that lived experience with us. She was so open and honest and extremely engaging. Sharon shared not only her story which is powerful in it self but she also left us with the knowledge of looking out for signs and behaviours in those around us and how we support someone should they be in need.

She was truly inspirational and so engaging – Thank you Sharon for your being so open and vulnerable and sharing your personal journey with us.

Anita Desai – Opportunity, Inclusion & Wellbeing Advisor – Starbucks

There are few people I’m willing to hold up as being a true inspiration to me and Sharon is certainly one of them. She is a genuine beacon of hope for those who are victim or survivors of domestic abuse. We have worked with Sharon extensively as an organisation, helping to educate and inspire our people about taking action focused around this important issue. Beyond our business, Sharon played a key role in helping to inspire the global HR profession to stand shoulder to shoulder on this issue, as we created the first ever HR Charter and Domestic Abuse with EIDA, in partnership with CIRCAL.

If ever there was a reason to believe in hope, then Sharon is it. Thank you for all you do, it could go as far as saving lives.

Bertie Tonks, Chief People Officer – Collinson

Since joining EIDA and reaching out to Sharon, she has been incredibly supportive in helping Annapurna implement a policy for domestic abuse. Sharon delivered a company-wide education session that raised awareness amongst our team and taught us how to be more supportive as an employer. Since then we have adopted ‘Sharon’s policy’ and taken her advice on how to maintain a supportive working environment. Sharon is a knowledgeable and compassionate professional – her help even more valuable as a fellow recruiter!

Emma Duncan – HR Manager – Annapurna Recruitment

Sharon shares her personal story very openly to raise awareness and provide practical things colleagues, managers and friends can do to support individuals who may be suffering, recognising we are all different. Her energy and openness through the entire presentation plus the Q&A, meant we all came away knowing a lot more. We have now launched our domestic abuse policy using Sharon’s policy as the template.

Kirstin Furber – People Director – Channel 4

“Sharon’s presentation to local employers in Cambridgeshire was incredibly powerful and engaging, we are looking forward to her delivering more presentations to more employers throughout 2023.”

Vickie Crompton – Domestic Abuse & Sexual Violence Partnership Manager

“I reached out to Sharon, as I read about her work supporting DA victims and survivors, as I knew she would simply understand. I didn’t know her at all. Sharon is the most warm, open, kind and passionate person I have met and her determination to make a positive impact by helping other DA victims and survivors is admirable. Sharon has now become a friend and has not only helped me personally, but her works has been shared with so many people. It takes bravery to share your story and I am blessed to have met Sharon. I would encourage anyone who doesn’t know who to talk to, to drop Sharon an email as I know she’d be so supportive.”

Rachel – Domestic Abuse Survivor

“Thank you so much to Ayesha and Sharon for running the Taking Action on Domestic Abuse webinar for our employees. It’s so important that we raise awareness of this topic which is rarely talked about in the workplace, and ensure that our colleagues are supported. This session provided some shocking statistics which highlight just how many people are affected by Domestic Abuse but also some practical ways in which colleagues can support each other. Sharon’s story was extremely powerful and really highlighted how important it is that employers support anyone who may be experiencing Domestic Abuse. Thank you both so much.”

Amanda Hammond – Wellbeing Lead – Fujitsu

The session with Sharon was both eye-opening and inspiring. Sharing her story really brings to life a situation that no one wants to find themselves in but after listening might question and highlights what domestic abuse is – not just violence towards a partner. Sharon’s knowledge really comes across during her talk and she answers questions elegantly, with empathy and passion, raising awareness and signposting to support.

Rachel Tillbrook – People Advisor – Saffron Building Society

“The Advanced Women’s Network were delighted to have Sharon join us for a special presentation on domestic abuse and how we can take steps to address this in the workplace. Sharon’s presentation was informative, thought-provoking and engaging from start to finish. The session was our best-attended meeting to date and we received numerous comments afterwards from employees explaining how valuable they found the session, particularly the practical tips on what to do if you think a colleague or friend is experiencing domestic abuse. Since Sharon’s talk we have made a start on implementing a domestic abuse policy which has been made much easier with the Sharon’s Policy resources.”

One Advanced Testimonial
Kings College Cambridge

“Sharon presented on the topic of Domestic Abuse to our senior managerial staff in 2021. It was an illuminating session and the participants came away much better informed about the range of behaviours that could constitute abuse, how to recognise signs of abuse, and how to help victims of abuse both within the workplace and outside of it.”

Kings College Testimonial