Working with Businesses to Raise Awareness of Domestic Abuse

Meet Sharon

Sharon Livermore MBE, founder of Domestic Abuse Education and domestic abuse survivor, uses her lived experience and knowledge to educate and train businesses through a variety of sessions: including a CPD-accredited course. 

She has a Diploma in Domestic Abuse Awareness and is an Ambassador for both the Domestic Abuse Alliance and the Employer’s Initiative on Domestic Abuse, with who she co-created Sharon’s Policy; a FREE template domestic abuse policy.

Sharon works alongside both organisations to create a positive impact, and end the perception and associated stigma that comes from the belief that – what happens in a marital home isn’t our business.

Domestic abuse is everyone’s business.

What Businesses Can expect from working with Sharon

Businesses everywhere should take the opportunity to hear from Sharon Livermore be this in person, or virtually, this presentation has a take-away for each and every business….

The forms of domestic abuse

Recognising signs in the workplace

How it impacts all genders, cultures etc

Business impact statistics

Myths around abuse

Barriers to disclosing

How to start a conversation

Sign posting

Sharon’s Policy (Template Domestic Abuse Policy)

Additional Offering: A 1-to-1 with your business on how to successfully embed a domestic abuse policy, which works for both the business and employees.

Our Values






1 in 4 women and 1 in 6 men will be impacted by domestic abuse in their lifetime

40% of victims were prevented from getting to work by their abuser

Research suggests that 75% of women experiencing domestic abuse are targeted at work

Work is one of the few place’s survivors can physically create a distance from their perpetrator and can access the support they need.

What Employers Are Saying...

Sharon shares her personal story very openly to raise awareness and provide practical things colleagues, managers and friends can do to support individuals who may be suffering, recognising we are all different. Her energy and openness through the entire presentation plus the Q&A, meant we all came away knowing a lot more. We have now launched our domestic abuse policy using Sharon’s policy as the template.

Kirstin Furber – People Director – Channel 4

Thank you to Sharon who spoke to colleagues at TSB on the impact of domestic, financial & economic abuse on colleagues.

Her personal story was hugely powerful, and acts as a reminder on the role that employers have to create safe spaces.

I would highly recommend Sharon raising awareness on this topic to any business.

Collectively we have the power to initiate real change.

Simon Peleszok – Responsible Business Team – TSB

When we launched our domestic abuse policy, we didn’t want just a policy we wanted to create an awareness session that went with it. So, we asked Sharon, if she would share her story and that lived experience with us. She was so open and honest and extremely engaging. Sharon shared not only her story which is powerful in it self but she also left us with the knowledge of looking out for signs and behaviours in those around us and how we support someone should they be in need.

She was truly inspirational and so engaging – Thank you Sharon for your being so open and vulnerable and sharing your personal journey with us.

Anita Desai – Opportunity, Inclusion & Wellbeing Advisor – Starbucks

There are few people I’m willing to hold up as being a true inspiration to me and Sharon is certainly one of them. She is a genuine beacon of hope for those who are victim or survivors of domestic abuse. We have worked with Sharon extensively as an organisation, helping to educate and inspire our people about taking action focused around this important issue. Beyond our business, Sharon played a key role in helping to inspire the global HR profession to stand shoulder to shoulder on this issue, as we created the first ever HR Charter and Domestic Abuse with EIDA, in partnership with CIRCAL.

If ever there was a reason to believe in hope, then Sharon is it. Thank you for all you do, it could go as far as saving lives.

Bertie Tonks, Chief People Officer – Collinson