Meet Our Team

The Domestic Abuse Education visionary and driving force behind it all. She is a passionate trainer, delivering her courses across the globe, to businesses of all sizes and sectors. Sharon is a survivor, an educator and a beacon of strength, who thrives on empowering others. In 2024, Sharon made the New Year Honours list for her services to victims of domestic abuse.

Micky joins Domestic Abuse Education with a wealth of operations experience under his belt! He loves nothing more than a streamlined process and is happiest beavering away in the background, ensuring everything runs smoothly.

Meet Rebecca, our official Training Consultant! With a background in community engagement and public speaking, and a survivor of Domestic Abuse herself, she has a passion for empowering individuals and organisations, which enables her to deliver engaging and effective training to the museums and heritage sector.

Milly is a proud member of the team (her face says it all!) She’s a kind-natured, loveable pup who keeps the team smiling with her mischievous ways!