Sharon's Story

In 2015, I came extremely close to becoming part of a statistic; two women a week (on average) lose their lives at the hands of their perpetrator. Fortunately, fate was on my side and I recognise how lucky I am to still have a voice, which I now use as a force for good to educate and empower others.

In 2023, I launched Domestic Abuse Education, after previously educating businesses through my recruitment company, Kameo. Why? Because the need and demand for education around abuse, within the business sector is so great and I felt that to continue making my mission a reality, I needed to have a dedicated business for this.

MY MISSION – To educate businesses across the UK on what domestic abuse is and the true difference they can make to each and every one of their employees who may currently, or in the future, experience domestic abuse, whilst ensuring every business has a Domestic Abuse Policy in place.

Work was my only safe space, and I use the word safe lightly as research shows that up to 75% of employed victims are harassed by their abusers whilst at work. Let us work together to stop abuse!”

“I firmly believe all employers should strive to create safe spaces at work where employees can go and not only be heard, but signposted to freedom.”

1 in 4 women and 1 in 6 men will be impacted by domestic abuse in their lifetime

40% of victims were prevented from getting to work by their abuser

£7,245 (on average) = Cost to the employer per victim on lost output

Domestic Abuse Education Values

Empowerment: Domestic Abuse Education empowers businesses by providing knowledge, tools, and relatable experiences so they are equipped to support employees going through domestic abuse.

Domestic Abuse Education empowers victims and survivors to live a life free from abuse.

Collaboration: It is through collaboration that we strengthen our message and work to create a community that is invested in openly talking about domestic abuse; acknowledging the pain points within businesses and providing employers with the education and tools to have the conversations, and signpost victims to the right support.

Passion: Everything we have done and continue to do comes from a place of deep-rooted passion.

Integrity: We stand-by our values and our mission; we apply ethics to our cause and decisions, and we help businesses create a culture of openness and support.

Excellence: Domestic Abuse Education finds meaningful ways to communicate their mission. We are committed to educating ourselves to supply businesses with the most up to date knowledge, statistics and means of support.