Working It Out Pledge

What is the Working It Out Pledge?

The Working It Out Pledge was co-created by Domestic Abuse Education, Domestic Abuse Alliance & HR Dept.

This is a national campaign, long-term commitment and solemn promise for businesses who are dedicated to understanding domestic abuse and supporting their employees.

Did you know only 5% of employers have specific domestic abuse policies or guidelines in place, but all are likely to have some staff who are affected by it.

Pledge-takers acknowledge the ongoing challenge of domestic abuse, they know the workplace is often one of the few places where victims feel safe to speak out. The Working It Out Pledge is your public declaration that you are committed to conducting all matters related to domestic abuse with empathy and respect.

The commitment you would be making…

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The Pledge

  1. Become a member of the Employer’s Initiative on Domestic Abuse
  2. Introduce and embed a domestic abuse policy in our workplace
  3. Ensure all staff know where to get help if they are experiencing domestic abuse
  4. Raise awareness of domestic abuse amongst our employees
  5. Publicly share our commitment to the Working It Out pledge
  6. Report back on our activities and achievements annually