The Responsibility of HR to Address Domestic Abuse in the Workplace

Should HR take the lead in addressing domestic abuse in the Workplace? 

Domestic Abuse Education exists to educate businesses on what domestic is, how businesses are impacted and how employees should be supported. In August we were given the opportunity to write an opinion piece for HR Magazine, the leading title for Senior HR professionals in the UK, and it was a chance we were not willing to miss!

HR is arguably the most vital department for a business in its quest to support victims of domestic abuse. So, to answer our earlier question, yes they should take the lead in addressing domestic abuse in the workplace. Whilst domestic abuse often happens behind closed doors, the evidence for how it impacts the workplace is overwhelming.

Did you know? Domestic abuse affects 44% of full-time employees, despite this over 70% of employees don’t have a plan in place to help them. 

Our opinion piece showcases the role HR should be playing in addressing domestic abuse, how they can help and fundamentally the importance of our newly created CPD Accredited Training Course. 

We are passionate about raising awareness of this widely under-discussed topic and addressing domestic abuse in the workplace. We don’t want anybody to be ashamed or frightened to share the trauma they are suffering, and our business exists to end the silence and change the lives of domestic abuse victims across the UK.


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