Case Studies

View a selection of case studies from businesses working within different sectors, with varying numbers of employees, who are leading the way in supporting their workforce through domestic abuse.

RSA Insurance Case Study

RSA have around 5,000 employees across the UK, Europe, and Ireland, with a heritage dating back over 300 years. They have a Domestic Abuse Policy, Domestic Abuse Awareness Champions and have provided individuals with a safe space to access support.

Annapurna Recruitment Case Study

Annapurna are a global recruitment company who launched in 2008 and have approximately 60 employees. They have made a difference to employees, have a Domestic Abuse Policy in place and have run an educational session for their team.

Collinson Case Study

Collinson have 1,700 employees, launched in 1985 and are a global company who deliver market-leading airport experiences, loyalty & customer engagement, and insurance solutions. They hold internal awareness events, have a Domestic Abuse Policy, and run annual training sessions.

Amino & 24i Case Study

Amino & 24i are sister companies within the software technology sector, with approximately 180 employees in Europe, UK, Hong Kong and USA. They have implemented a Domestic Abuse Policy, provided CPD accredited training and lunch & learn sessions.

Fever Tree Case Study

Fever-Tree is a world leading supplier of premium mixers, which launched in 2004 and has over 350 employees. They have educated their workforce with a lunch-&-learn session and are planning to implement a Domestic Abuse Policy.