Breaking Taboos & the Benefits of “Getting Yourself Out There”

Breaking Taboos and the Benefits of “Getting Yourself Out There”

We live in a world which sadly discourages open conversation about sensitive subjects; however, we are delighted to have Director Sharon Livermore in our midst who is passionate about “getting herself out there” and raising awareness of one highly under-discussed/taboo topic: domestic abuse.

Domestic Abuse Education is passionate about raising awareness of domestic abuse helping businesses transform their outlook and reshape their personal opinion, so we can all live in a world that fosters a greater understanding of domestic abuse and encourages empathy across all people.

In September alone, Sharon presented to Cambridge United, River Island, Cambridgeshire and Peterborough Domestic Abuse and Sexual Violence Partnership, Eastern No 5. Communication Workers Union.

The presentations were a huge success, you can head to our endorsements page to read what some of the listeners thought. Or, read on to hear how the presentations have supported our domestic abuse awareness campaign:

Breaking the Silence:

One of the most significant advantages of engaging in conversations about taboo topics such as domestic abuse is the opportunity to break the silence. Many people carry deep concerns, fears, and experiences about how to tackle domestic abuse; often reverting back to the old age saying “domestic abuse is not our business” However, fostering a workplace that challenges this provides employees with the opportunity to express themselves, seek support, and break free from the isolation.

Reduce shame:

During the presentation, Sharon shares her personal story and whilst this is hugely courageous by doing so she may also help reduce shame and empower individuals to either come forward or feel more at ease with their own domestic abuse experiences.

Fostering Empathy and Understanding:

Taboo conversations foster empathy and understanding among businesses. They enable employees to step into others’ shoes, see the world from different perspectives, and develop compassion for those facing challenges they may not have personally experienced. This heightened empathy can lead to a stronger and more inclusive workplace.

Promoting Change and Advocacy:

Sharon’s presentation exists to encourage businesses to become a catalyst for change. Open conversations about domestic abuse shed light on just how seriously employers should be taking domestic abuse whilst highlighting how the issue can be addressed in the workplace.

The Digital Age and Taboo Topics:

The rise of social media and online communities has played a pivotal role in encouraging conversations about taboo subjects. Today we are inundated with information and places we can go to better understand tough or controversial topics, there is no excuse for not knowing. Domestic Abuse Education is present on social media and we proudly use our platform to continue raising awareness through sharing statistics, articles, case studies, support information and so much more. However, it’s important to remember that not all online discussions and social media platforms are supportive or constructive. Navigating these conversations with care and empathy is essential to ensure a positive experience for all.

To conclude Sharon’s presentation aims to raise awareness and encourage businesses to do more for those who might be suffering; this includes but is not limited to introducing a domestic abuse policy.  

If you’re yet to engage with Sharon and hear her presentation we encourage you to do so; the difference is in her lived experience which has enabled her to break the chain of silence for so many. Collectively we are working towards a more compassionate and understanding world, where domestic abuse victims are heard, validated and supported on their journey.

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