Force for Good In the Community

Domestic Abuse Education is a force for good in the community & Sharon Livermore spearheads each and every campaign we run or are a part of; she is currently halfway through a series of events hosted and funded by the Cambridgeshire and Peterborough Domestic Abuse and Sexual Violence Partnership. Each event aims to educate local businesses, business owners and individuals on the recurring taboo topic “domestic abuse”. At each event, held both in-person and virtually, Sharon defines domestic abuse, the myths surrounding it, and how businesses can support employees and signpost them to relevant support, she also addresses the crucial role an employer plays in supporting victims.

What is the partnership?

This partnership is committed to reducing the harm, risks and costs associated with domestic abuse and sexual violence and to prevent these crimes from occurring across Cambridge; you can visit their website here. 

The good we’ve seen

As a result of this fantastic event, so many businesses can be a voice for the silenced and support those whose only other option is to stay silent and endure a lifetime of abuse, or in the most severe cases die at the hands of their abuser. Domestic Abuse Education is fostering partnerships with businesses that have attended an event in the series, listened, learned and now want the knowledge they’ve gained shared with their own businesses.

Would your business benefit from the good we’ve seen? Or perhaps you’re simply invested in being a force for good in the community? You can find out about Sharon’s Presentation & (newly) accredited CPD course here. 


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