Recruitment Collaboration for the Greater Good!

Recruitment Collaboration

On Tuesday Morning Sharon presented her domestic abuse presentation to Annapurna Recruitment: a global recruitment company.

It’s rare to see the recruitment industry joins forces, but this week they did, and this collaboration demonstrates the humanness of both businesses. Kameo offers something unique in our domestic abuse presentation, and we applaud Annapurna for putting their employees first by taking advantage of this unique offering. Annapurna have approximately 123 employees, and are adopting Sharon’s Policy with immediate effect. Consider this: If 1 in 4 women and 1 in 6 men will be affected by domestic abuse at some point in their lifetime, how many lives have Annapurna changed and saved because they took a leap, adopted a domestic abuse policy and recognise that what happens at home is not personal business, it is everyone’s business?

What did Annapurna have to say? 

Since joining EIDA and reaching out to Sharon, she has been incredibly supportive in helping Annapurna implement a policy for domestic abuse. Sharon delivered a company-wide education session that raised awareness amongst our team and taught us how to be more supportive as an employer. Since then we have adopted ‘Sharon’s policy’ and taken her advice on how to maintain a supportive working environment. Sharon is a knowledgeable and compassionate professional – her help even more valuable as a fellow recruiter!

Emma Duncan – HR Manager – Annapurna Recruitment

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