Do you believe “knowledge is power”?

Do you believe knowledge is Power?

Do you know how many people in your business are currently experiencing, or are potentially at risk of being impacted by domestic abuse? How might that look different, and positively impact lives, if you or someone in your business were to take the first step in broadening your knowledge of domestic abuse? Earlier this month, The Retail Trust continued their domestic abuse journey, they recognise how important it is to continue this work 👏.

Domestic Abuse Education, alongside Women’s Aid Representatives: Teresa Parker & Natalie Curtis, spoke at Together Fest, an event hosted by The Retail Trust where they had the opportunity to:

👉 educate employees on domestic abuse

👉 shared their domestic abuse survivor stories

👉 why businesses should be educated on domestic abuse

👉 the many ways businesses can support those being affected

Is knowledge power? When it comes to domestic abuse, undoubtedly! There is always something to learn and in doing so you allow others to survive and thrive in society. You’re not only transforming but potentially saving them too.

Are you ready to accept the power and change a life? Get in touch!






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