Sharon Livermore nominated for MBE for outstanding services to Domestic Abuse Victims

Sharon Livermore nominated for MBE for outstanding services to Domestic Abuse Victims

In a notable acknowledgement of her steadfast dedication to supporting victims of domestic abuse, Sharon Livermore has been nominated for the esteemed Member of the Order of the British Empire (MBE) award. This nomination stands as a testament to Sharon’s exceptional commitment and tireless endeavours in advocating for those impacted by domestic abuse.

Over the past four years, Sharon has been a driving force behind various domestic abuse initiatives. One of her notable contributions includes co-creating “Sharon’s Policy,” a free template for a domestic abuse policy. Drawing from her own lived experience with domestic abuse, Sharon consistently demonstrates compassion and an unwavering commitment to raising awareness. The MBE nomination serves as a recognition of her dedication to challenging societal norms and advocating for fundamental changes to address the root causes of domestic abuse.

Sharon’s work and campaigns not only provide a crucial lifeline for domestic abuse survivors but also significantly contribute to the broader conversation surrounding the issue of domestic abuse. The MBE award underscores Sharon’s impact in fostering awareness and pushing for transformative change.

As news of Sharon’s MBE nomination spreads, there is a hopeful anticipation that more individuals and organisations will commit to engaging with Domestic Abuse Education as part of their employee well-being initiatives. The ripple effect of one small conversation can be transformative and may change an entire life. The responsibility lies with each of us to actively contribute to the change we aspire to see in the world. Sharon Livermore’s recognition serves as an inspiration and a call to action for everyone to play a role in creating a society free from domestic abuse.

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