Spot the Red Flags

Jersey Safeguarding Board "Spot the Red Flags" launch event for businesses. February 2024.

The end of February marked a pivotal moment for Sharon, the Founder of Domestic Abuse Education, as she embarked on her first international presentation in Jersey. While the distance may have been short, the potential impact of her message on the residents of Jersey holds the promise of transformative change.

In 2022 the Jersey Safeguarding Board (JSB) launched a “Spot the Red Flags” initiative which aims to raise awareness of domestic abuse, which is still widely misunderstood. This March the JSB extended its call to action to businesses and urged all employers to learn how to “spot the red flags” of domestic abuse and coercive control. For Sharon and her team at Domestic Abuse Education, this initiative resonates deeply, as it aligns with their core mission of educating businesses and raising awareness of domestic abuse.

Witnessing the proactive measures taken by the JSB to address domestic abuse is not just commendable; it’s inspirational. Their unwavering commitment sets a shining example for communities everywhere, demonstrating a steadfast dedication to the safety and well-being of all individuals. By creating an environment where victims are supported, and resources are readily available, the JSB is creating a culture of empowerment and resilience. To all the businesses across Jersey, regardless of size, we extend an invitation to stand in solidarity with survivors of domestic abuse. Reach out to the JSB, learn about the impactful role you can play.

Sharon attended last week’s event with Rosie Watson, Head of External Relations, for the Domestic Abuse Alliance; the pair found themselves deeply moved and inspired by the number of businesses who are ready to tackle this issue head-on. This event coincided with the launch of Domestic Abuse Education’s Ambassadors, one of whom is Rosie, you can find out more about our Ambassadors here.

To find out more about “Spot the Red Flags” visit the Jersey Safeguarding Board.

Jersey Safeguarding Board "Spot the Red Flags" launch event for businesses. February 2024.

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