Jaimee Livermore


Jaimee is a dedicated advocate for ending domestic abuse and empowering survivors. As the daughter of Sharon Livermore, a domestic abuse survivor, she has witnessed firsthand the impact of domestic abuse on families and communities. Jaimee is motivated by her personal experiences and committed to her mum’s mission. As an ambassador for Domestic Abuse Education and a “Ask me Ambassador” for Women’s Aid. Jaimee will support our mission, raise awareness and where necessary signpost those affected by abuse.

“At the age of 12 I witnessed my Mum experience domestic abuse. My mum was strong, and despite a lack of support around her, she sought help. I am no longer 12, I am a working woman who is now aware of the difference an educated and informed business can make to victims/survivors of domestic abuse. As an Ambassador for Domestic Abuse Education and an Ask me Ambassador for Women’s Aid, I am proud to raise awareness of this important topic”.