Jo Stevenson


Jo is an experienced HR Professional, trained coach and counsellor who also has her own HR Consulting business, Red Rocket HR. Jo has worked at a senior HR Director level for over 20 years, for many global organisations such as Microsoft, Barclays, HBOS and Tesco.

Jo wanted to use her professional and personal experience to champion and advocate for victims and survivors of domestic abuse, through awareness and education in organisations and the workplace.

“I came across the brilliant work of Sharon and Domestic Abuse Education, whilst navigating my own experience as a survivor of Domestic Abuse and the justice system. I was determined to do all I could to ensure I could turn what I experienced into a positive for others, by supporting victims and survivors of domestic abuse. The ultimate aim is to end domestic abuse and give victims the safe space to come forwards. I am proud and passionate to be an Ambassador for Domestic Abuse Education, and with my HR, coaching and training experience believe this creates a perfect platform for making a tangible difference through awareness and education.”