Kyran Livermore


Kyran witnessed his Mum go through domestic abuse in his childhood and is dedicated to challenging the belief that what happens at home, stays at home. He knows all too well the long-lasting impact of domestic abuse and the incredible difference we can all make when we raise our voices and campaign together. Kyran now proudly wears a white ribbon which demonstrates his commitment to changing the long-established and harmful, attitudes, systems and behaviours around masculinity that perpetuate inequality and violence.

“After witnessing the horrific side effects and consequences of domestic abuse firsthand, I am extremely proud to support this cause. I have seen ‘Sharon’s Policy’ develop from day one and become a landmark domestic abuse policy for some world-renowned companies. Additionally, I have witnessed Sharon present to thousands of people, raising awareness of domestic abuse and supporting individuals going through it. Having seen the effects it can have, I am extremely proud to call myself an Ambassador for Domestic Abuse Education, after serving as a White Ribbon Ambassador for some time now. I believe it is crucial to understand what domestic abuse is, recognise the different signs, and know how employers can take action against it; all of which can be found in Sharon’s policy and training.”